Medhanit Is "Cold" When People Judge Her



Ironically, it’s about being yourself.

Medhanit Barratt, known simply as Medhanit, is of Ethiopian heritage but also is a Tasmanian-based singer and songwriter. Growing up surrounded by music, it was inevitable that she’d become an artist. Who knew, however, that she’d take off like this? Since 2018, Medhanit has been performing all over Tasmania, making big waves at different events and festivals. In her songwriting, she explores deep and complex topics that touch on race, trauma, and heartbreak. Medhanit prefers to look at music as an extension of the human mind; it’s just another way to express and feel. She’s an artist that’s thoughtful while still maintaining a high level of creativity. Her impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Medhanit’s newest release is the powerful and bouncy single “Cold.” The song also has an official music video.

“Cold” is a huge ray of sunshine with shadows behind every word. The combination of pop and Afrobeats feels unique enough to set off that discourse on its own, but the more important message comes from the duality of the lyrics. This isn’t just a gentle little song, it’s also a hit about the experiences of identity, specifically racial-based identity. Lyrics like “Pull your curls back make ‘em straighter” and “Different stares from different people and places” explore the concept of having to conform to society’s standards while rejecting your true self. There’s more to the story than even Medhanit can write in these few minutes. In the end, some realizations may leave you with chills about how people are still treated in this day and age. So, try to stay warm while you listen to “Cold.”