Who’s cutting onions so early in the day?

Can you believe that there’s a generation of music fans that don’t know who Miguel is? Think about it: The “Sure Thing” singer was in his prime around 2010; 13 years ago. So if you’re 18 years old right now, there’s a good chance you don’t know how good he is. With that being said, I do think that Miguel is good enough to have another prime. Earlier this year, he released an extremely solid single called “Give It To Me.” Today, he returned to the music scene with a new single called “Rope.”


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In “Rope,” Miguel talks about the deadly impact that love (Or the lack there of) can have on our minds. What’s chilling about the song, which is powered by these guitar chords that will pull at your heartstrings and very emotional vocals from Miguel, is that it boasts these lyrics that insinuate that he is close to committing suicide (I’m hanging from the ceiling / Rope around my neck). While I probably won’t play this song while I’m in a good move, I do applaud how moving it sounds.

Give “Rope” by Miguel a shot below.