Spencer & Othenic

Life is a struggle; Spencer’s music isn’t.

Phoenix, Arizona-based musical creative, Spencer, is an up-and-coming artist with a name that goes back a few years. The Iowa native first began his musical journey in high school in 2012 when he released his first mixtape. Since then, Spencer’s discography has grown exponentially. His music is “a fusion of various genres, from hip-hop to pop to alternative, showcasing his versatility and innovative approach to music.” One of his long-time collaborators is the Kentucky artist, Othenic. Together, the pair have released tracks including “Like Me,” “Ricky Bobby,” and “Call Me Up.” These songs, and more, are available on his Spotify and Apple Music. Recently, Spencer and Othenic teamed up for their latest hip-hop single, “Problems.”

If we want to talk fusion tracks, this song needs to come up on the list. Listening in shows hints of hip-hop, lofi, and jazz during the instrumental segments. It’s these kinds of creative mixes which blur the lines of music genres. We can’t judge music by its genre; nor should we judge people. Lyrics like “Who am I to judge? Cause I got hella problems / That I don’t plan on solving” and “Drunk at 11, you see the impression / I’m working towards something, but it’s not perfection” get real about life’s struggles and not holding prejudices against others. It’s unapologetic to a point where it doesn’t even invoke regret in its fans. So, press play on Spencer’s new single to learn how to experience no regret for voicing your own “Problems.”