Cloud Scott

“Man Down!”

St. Louis native, Cloud Scott, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter that I truly believe belongs on Dreamville. Not only can he rap his ass off, but I also feel like his swag matches a bunch of people’s swag on that roster. Some of Cloud Scott’s biggest singles are “Blue Skies” and “Peace.” His latest single is “Rihanna.”

In “Rihanna,” Cloud Scott shows off his clever side. He also hits us with tongue-twisting flows that pair perfectly with the uptempo, atmospheric beat. As for lyrically, Scott does a great job of showing the men of the world the levels of success that a Rihanna-like woman can bring you. More than anything, this song is about having a strong partner that can be your “umbrella” when it’s raining as opposed to being a song about having a girl that makes you “work.”

Give the very enjoyable “Rihanna” a shot below.