Glass Mansions Is Going "NEARSIGHTED"


Glass Mansions

An alternative pop track that flirts with hell.

Glass Mansions is an Austin, Texas-based alternative pop duo. This two-person band is led by vocalist Jayna Doyle and multi-instrumentalist Blake Arambula. Their music is heavily influenced by modern and 90s pop and heavy synths. Glass Mansions also fully engross fans with intimate lyrics and exciting melodies. If you want a taste of what their live concerts are like, give their songs “STANDING O” and “Faith” a shot. Glass Mansions’ discography is available on Spotify and YouTube. Their latest release is the infectious single, “NEARSIGHTED.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

In “NEARSIGHTED,” Glass Mansions wickedly tell the tale of what consequences await you when you’ve become blinded by greed. There’s nothing good waiting, but you just can’t see that until you’re too far in. Lyrics like “When does it end? Got the devil on my back” and “Let the bullet come for me, I’ll go down with both hands up” show how trapped and lost you can become in your selfish desires. The song is beautifully produced with edgy synths that are paired perfectly with Doyle’s fiery tone. Its bridge instantly wakes you up with a spectacular climax of heavy electronic reverb. If you needed any reminder that your greed could land you in one layer of hell, this is one.

Give Glass Mansions’ new single, “NEARSIGHTED,” a shot below.