Gold Blend

Let’s catch someone special in hip-hop.

UK-based musical creative, Gold Blend, is a rapper and producer who went from one career path to the next very suddenly. This self-proclaimed “best rapper in the Southwest” provides his listeners with ear-pleasing tracks that are relatable to “people in seaside towns all over the UK.” However, Blend first began making bedroom beats in college after a knee injury prevented him from playing football for nine months. The producer first found inspiration in US rappers such as Jay-Z and Kanye West. Soon after, Blend also took to UK artists such as Kano, Chip, and Skepta. During the pandemic-related lockdown, the rapper began to use his free time to create tunes; he has been making new music ever since. His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Gold Blend’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Together.”

Doesn’t everyone want to find someone else? Well, most people, at least. “Together” is a cute little song that asks so sweetly for a partner of its own. Lyrics like “We go together like salt and pepper, We go together like love and letter” and “My mate once told me to go and get her, and so I did, now we’re together, Were together” reminisce about finding that perfect match. It’s a catchy hip-hop track that doesn’t call love a burden; instead, Blend would rather enjoy the benefits of its beauty.

Give Gold Blend’s latest single, “Together,” a shot below.