bread & butter


Can Gunna do the unthinkable: Have a thriving career while fighting snitching allegations?

Tons of people thought that Tekashi 6ix9ine would be even more popular after snitching on his homies; that didn’t happen at all. At the end of the day, I never thought he was a talented musician to begin with, so I’m not surprised that folks don’t want to hear hs music anymore. Now Gunna, that’s another story. I think he is actually very talented and someone who the streets loved for years. Now that he’s being labeled a snitch by a bunch of mainstream artists, I’m curious to see where his career goes. Today, he decided to restart it with the release of ”
bread & butter,” a song in which he addresses some of the rumors about him.


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I think returning to the music scene with a song like “bread & butter” is genius. Before Gunna decided to go back to his normal flexing and s**t, I thought it was imperative to address his naysayers, and he does just that in this song.

Throughout “bread & butter,” Gunna calls out rappers speaking down on him, calling them hypocrites and liars (Cough cough Lil Durk). He also talks about all the money he has lost and being tricked by his DA. What I love is how Gunna slides through the track sounding unbothered, even though the melodic raps he hits us with sound a little on the whiny side. Like, the ninja still sounds cool to me.

Gunna’s comeback is about to be bigger than Jordan’s.