High Caliber Definitely Is "Finding You"

High Caliber

Finding You

A soulful rap track about finding the one.

Hip-hop collective, High Caliber, features a group of diverse artists who drop electrifying music. Caliber hones its musical talents and unique sounds to make its wave in hip-hop. They all prefer to loosely follow the rules of music instead of conforming to the general body of artists. Coming up from New Haven, Connecticut, the group dropped their first singles, “EST,” “Say2you,” and “Waste My Time,” in 2022. This year, they released a single, “Hold,” and then their first EP, High Caliber Vol. 1. These pieces are available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Recently, High Caliber dropped their latest single, “Finding You.”

“Finding You” is a musical collision of rap, jazz, and soul that sends a message about finding your soulmate. At the same time, it mixes itself up with different genres, proving that the journey to love is not always going to be easy. It also reminds us that our journey isn’t going to be like everyone else’s; in fact, we hope it isn’t. With strong 808s, Caliber makes its mark in music with each artist bringing their style to the song. Everyone has a part to play, and they serve as inspiration for future collaborative groups. So, give High Caliber’s new single a chance as they start to travel around the world with the intention of “Finding You.”