True Love


The perfect love song for the summer.

LIFTD has the perfect moniker. The independent artist that hails from Florida does a great job of making music that boasts feel-good vibes, positive energy, and everything in between. You usually leave his songs feeling rejuvenated. Some of LIFTD’s biggest singles are “Calling” and “On My Way.” You can find his full catalog on Spotify. LIFTD’s latest single is “True Love.”

We all want “True Love,” right? LIFTD found it and is not letting go. Throughout the song, he brings up how uplifting, empowered, and excited his partner makes him feel. While you get dynamic flows and raw vibes out of LIFTD in his verses, on the hook, he hits us with a very intoxicating hook that you will feel in your soul. The combination of the two styles perfectly sums up the emotions you will feel when your relationship is going right.

Give LIFTD’s “True Love” a shot below.