Siena Liggins Has Some "Sneaky Links"

Sneaky Links

Siena Liggins

A bop for women obsessed with hookups. 

Upcoming Atlana-based pop artist, Siena Liggins, likes blending hyper-pop and rap to create a one-of-a-kind sound. In the past, Liggins has performed with Lizzo, Doja Cat, and Baby Tate. Some of her most popular singles are “3 Bad,” “thicc,” and “Dirty Girl” (Featuring Baby Tate). Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Siena Liggins’s latest edgy single, “Sneaky Links,” will leave fans wanting more. 

Liggins’s “Sneaky Links” is unapologetically sexy and cutthroat about hookup culture. She calls out the grueling journey of hooking up in today’s society but empowers women by encouraging them to play the game. Though the message inspires women to be toxic, the sound itself is sweet. The track has a hypnotic, electrifying hyper alternative pop sound and a crazy switch-up to rap. Do you want to be one of the major players during this hot girl summer? Stream “Sneaky Links” to learn how.