Hendrix Harris Still Loves "Katie Jane"

Katie Jane

Hendrix Harris

R&B has never felt so soulful.

Based in London, Hendrix Harris is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and composer. Growing up with a mixed background, Harris was exposed to an array of music. On his British-Jamaican mother’s side, he listened to old-school soul artists like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. On his French father’s side, he heard contrasting sounds of 60s UK rock, American Folk, and 70s funk. Hendrix’s parent’s love and his desire to get things off his chest inspired him to pursue music as a career. In any of his tracks, you can hear an effortlessly cool sound that tells captivating stories in the most poetic ways. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Hendrix Harris’s latest drop is the intense/heartfelt single, “Katie Jane.” 

This slow, yet moving song will leave you on an emotional high. Here, Harris grapples with the loss of a relationship in a riveting way. By explaining honestly how much pain he’s going through, this artist draws listeners to his side instantly. His voice is full of life and soul but also expels a raw vulnerability that anyone can relate to. At the same time, his lyrics are works of art. With his sharp and dynamic sound, he explores the aftermath of heartbreak and all the questions left unanswered. So, stream Hendrix Harris’s new single to learn about the kind of heartbreak “Katie Jane” will put you through.