i don’t need you

Kenzie Cates

Self-discovery! Independence! An anthem for the loners.

Kenzie Cates is a rising pop singer and songwriter. Since beginning her career, Cates has continued to steadily gain international recognition for her music. She’s placed in the top ten in a number of prestigious national and international song competitions; these include American Songwriter, Nashville Songwriter Association International, and CBC/Toyota Searchlight. Some of the singer’s previous releases include “When You Were My Man,” “right about me,” “Just Ain’t You,” and “Too Tired.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. According to Cates, her new tune, “i don’t need you,” is “about leaving a cult.”

Uplifting electro-pop beats leave nothing to the imagination. “i don’t need you” proves its own title many times over by insisting on the artist’s and the listener’s independence. Lyrics like “Spent a month away / Needed hella space from you / Needed my own point of view” and “I was fighting myself and losing / I was using you as the truth and / Now I’m reaching my own conclusions” hear the artist confront her former cult leader and reclaim her freedom. It’s an eye-opening experience of escapism and self-awareness. Compelling storytelling and proper visuals make the song that much more enjoyable and impactful. So, press play on Kenzie Cates’s new single to celebrate your own independence.