Paint Me Blue

Bella Kaye

What’s darker than a dark pop gem about an unhealthy love?

Musical creative, Bella Kaye, is a pop singer and songwriter. The Southern California native “is known for her raw, honest lyrics, dark soundscapes, and powerful, emotional vocals.” Some of Kaye’s influences include artists like Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Gracie Abrams. Her intimate songwriting style offers “confessional lyrics,” making for a captivating storytelling experience that’s sure to resonate with her listeners. Some of Kaye’s previous tracks include “Psycho Ex,” “Heartache,” and “Never Again.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and her own website. Bella Kaye’s latest drop is the pop single, “Paint Me Blue.”

Moody guitar licks and pounding drums easily make this one of the most spirited songs ever. “Paint Me Blue” proves itself as a colorful tune in more ways than one while remaining strictly anti-romance. Lyrics like “How f***ing stupid and cruel, To think I’d be happy with you” and “You know how bad I wanted you, Then you used it against me” vulnerably reflect on the aftermath of holding onto a toxic relationship. This raw, relatable reminisce has the Lady Gaga style of a “bad romance” in mind. So, press play on Bella Kaye’s new single to ask that cold heart to “Paint Me Blue.”