TYL3R DAVIS & Chris Patrick

They killed this s**t.

TYL3R DAVIS and Chris Patrick can both rap their asses off; they just kill s**t in different ways. While TYL3R is a master at dropping introspective bars that will give you Drake vibes, Chris Patrick usually likes to bounce off walls and experiment with all kinds of sounds. With that being said, in “Activated,” I absolutely love Chris and TYL3R’s chemistry.

“Activated” is all about kicking ass and taking names, proving your worth to your naysayers, and morphing into the best version of yourself. What I love is how both TYL3R DAVIS and Chris Patrick hurl everything from fierce deliveries to feverish flows to clever punchlines at the unorthodox beat that powers the song. I also like how confident they both sound. We definitely get Playoff TYL3R and Playoff Chris in this banger.

TYL3R DAVIS and Chris Patrick are smoking on some activation keys.