TIN Found His "Amiga"



Love, passion, and summer.

Based in Spain, TIN is a new artist on the music scene. Taking influence from Europe and Latin America, his music has a diverse sound that anyone can enjoy. TIN’s highly-anticipated debut single is available on YouTube and SoundCloud. His freshman hit is the groovy single “Amiga.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“Amiga” is a fun track to get your summer groove on. Its sound is fluid, incorporating R&B, electronic, and pop music. TIN whisks you away and takes you on a trip to Spain with his relaxed attitude and tranquil voice. Though it’s entirely sung in Spanish, his passionate fervor easily sets the scene, helping you understand the song’s essence. He’s dreaming about that one girl, you know, the one. If you want to let loose or unwind, this song is perfect for either mood. It’s destined to be on your summer travel playlist. So, stream “Amiga” to feel all the heat and love from your new best friend.