Kingsley Q

Kingsley helps us find light within the darkness.

Kingsley Q is a Berlin-based singer with Ghanaian roots. This modern artist “blends pop and R&B elements with urban-electronic, house, and afro to create his compelling sound.” Q’s love for music began at age fifteen when he completed his singing education at his performing arts school. Since then, Q has performed as a backup vocalist, won the talent show The Battle, and reached more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. That last one was for his version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” In 2018, Q won his first music award in the Public Choice category at the BMC Listen to Berlin Awards. He has also performed as a supporting act for various artists, including Nneka, Ady Suleiman, JP Cooper, Kara Marni, and Tank and The Bangas. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Kingsley Q’s latest drop is the pop single “Waves.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

This track is subtly radiant and inspirational. “Waves” is the sweet little almost-summer piece that comes right when we need it to provide a way through the shadows. Lyrics like “At times I didn’t know, If there is tomorrow, I thought I had nowhere to escape the sorrows” and “Out of the shadows, I find a new light, Aiming for better, Leave the night behind” reflect on pushing through tough times to find a sense of hope within the darkness. It’s dynamic and full of the hope we sometimes need to hear. Of course, our own inner strength is what’s going to get us through it all. We need to have some faith. So, press play on Kingsley Q’s new single to get motivated to ride the “Waves” of life alongside him.