Devon Cole

Mental health struggles have never felt so validated.

Canadian musical creative, Devon Cole, is a singer and songwriter who began on someone else’s ground. The singer’s extensive list of achievements includes a viral remix “righting the lyrical wrongs” of “Blurred Lines,” and a 2021 alt-pop album that earned millions of streams in the months following its release. “W.I.T.C.H.,” Devon Cole’s debut with Arista Records, became a hit earning more than 39 million streams. Its music video trended at #27 on YouTube. The “secret” to the Calgary native’s well-praised “earworm pop with a feminist edge” comes from her “clinical approach to songwriting.” This year, Cole received a Juno Award nomination for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Devon Cole’s latest release is the pop EP, 1800-GOT-STRESS. The title track also features an accompanying official video.

“1800-GOT-STRESS” provides the perfect backdrop for anyone who needs a personal reflection. This hit isn’t meant for love and romance, unless it’s with yourself. Instead, it’s going to help you realize your emotional turmoil. Lyrics like “Operator, could you drown out all the voices in my head? I can’t take it any longer, my heart’s beating out my chest” and “Operator, I’m so sorry if I’m taking up your time, I just need someone to tell me that I’m gonna be alright” reflects on the internal struggle of feeling out of control and helpless. It’s a battle with anxiety, depression, and everything else that dares to try and keep you down. And you can win it. So, press play on Devon Cole and let the words of “1-800-GOT-STRESS” remind you that everything is “gonna be alright.”