Kevin Ross Begs You; "Don't Pretend" You Don't Still Love Him

Don’t Pretend

Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross is at his best when he’s in love.

Washington D.C.-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Kevin Ross, is a rising star in modern R&B. Ross is additionally a famous writer for other artists whose names we may talk about around the dinner table. These legendary artists, like Jamie Foxx, SWV, and Toni Braxton, have helped the musician gain some fame. Furthermore, Ross is a noteworthy singer for his own creations. He has released straight bangers like “Same Team,” “Overthinking,” and “God Is A Genius.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Kevin Ross’s latest single is the smooth “Don’t Pretend.”

“Don’t Pretend” will make anyone want to get back with their ex. Whether that’s good for you or not, we’ll leave it up to your friends. This track consists of a mid-tempo, contemporary bedroom R&B sound that will have fans craving for more. Content-wise, Ross pleads with his ex to give their love another try. He just wants to be with them again; consequences be damned. That kind of love needs its own anthem, and we’ve found it in this hit.

Stream Kevin Ross’s new single, “Don’t Pretend,” below.