Tru Luv

Lorde Looted

A Jersey club track that you will fall in luv with.

Lorde Looted is a Brooklyn-born, Atlanta-based hip-hop singer, songwriter, and rapper. Since 2020, Lorde has had his foot on the gas, releasing many solid singles and projects. What listeners will like most about him is his love for music which shows in all of his songs. Some of Lorde’s biggest singles are “Stripper Big,” “Shinobi,” and “The Basics.” You can find Lorde’s entire catalog on Spotify. Lord Looted’s latest offering is his The Final Saga album. One of the biggest singles from the project is “Tru Luv.”

In “Tru Luv,” Lorde Looted talks about dealing with an inconsistent relationship that has caused him to feel things he’s never felt. Throughout the song, which is powered by this smooth and uptempo Jersey club beat, Lorde sings with great passion and hits us with laidback raps. In my opinion, he does a fantastic job of straddling the line between sounding gloomy and gritty. I mean, gangstas fall in love, too, right?

Give Lord Looted’s “Tru Luv” a shot below.