Alt-pop that’s ready for summer!

SM6 is a modern rock family band made up of siblings George, Isabel, Adam, Emily, Eliana, and Jack. Together, the sibling artists craft “high-energy songs with catchy melodies, ear-pleasing harmonies, dance-worthy rhythms and relatable lyrics.” Their original tunes feature elements of various genres, such as alternative, rock, and electronic pop. After releasing a viral video back in the spring of 2020, SM6 has reached more than 1.9 million followers on TikTok, helping the artist build a loyal fanbase for their band. The group’s debut song, “Oddity,” got over 800k streams since releasing back in the fall of 2020. The band continues to perfect its sound with “groundbreaking, energetic performances,” all advocating “positivity, self-acceptance and love.” All of these songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. SM6’s latest drop is the alt-pop single, “Cologne.”

Alright, alright. 90s and 2000s kids, get ready for a throwback. This is Evanescence to the very core, and I love it! It’s hard alt-pop with so much rock written in that it’s practically almost metal and grunge. Even better, the message is all about the romance the artists all want with their special people. Lyrics like “So confident, You’ve got that devilish grin, You made the plans, Before I said I was in” and “The taste of trouble’s on your lips, Uh oh, Wet clothes, Heat in July’s, Making you bold” offer up a wickedly wonderfully tale of seduction. This is heat, and it’s heavy, and it’s worth the attention it gets. So, press play on SM6 and experience the intoxicating pleasure of “Cologne.”