Solar State (Ft. Mikayla)

Dance to these sweet and summery vibes.

Musical creative, Solar State, is also known as Radboud Miedema. Solar State is an indie dance pop artist “whose music embodies a unique blend of organic sounds and infectious rhythms.” The Amsterdam native’s musical journey has been influenced by “his love for freedom, healthy living.” He also claims the ability to fuse “cultures and ignite a sense of adventure.” He’s not making false statements, either! State’s sound takes inspiration from his passion for traveling and “beachy, vintage tones.” As the artist continues to craft new work for his fans, he “effortlessly captures the essence of the indie dance pop genre, weaving it into a tapestry of organic sounds and infectious rhythms.” His incredible discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Solar State’s recent release is the dance single “Cheers,” featuring artist Mikayla.

Did someone say vibrant instrumentals and infectious dance beats? “Cheers” to that! This hit provides a warm, comforting backdrop to something romantic and sweet. However, it’s not as happy as you might suspect; this love isn’t everlasting. Lyrics like “Look me in my eyes, Tell me that we’re done, Gave me every star, But they don’t shine when you’re gone” and “You and I were made to burn can’t figure out why” offer up a bittersweet tale of a dying relationship. Its sun-kissed soundscape and silky smooth vocals don’t hide that sadness entirely. Heartache and moving on are also in the cards. So, press play to escape into a sizzling summer with “Cheers.”