Jay Flet & Truck Load Dre

“WhatsApp” is a trap classic.

Jay Flet is another rapper from Alabama that you need to pay close attention to. Motivated by pain, passion, and purpose, Flet has gained success by staying true to who he is and the city he came from. Some of Jay’s biggest hits are “Ten Toes Down” and “Big Steppa.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Jay’s latest single is “Whatsapp.”

“Whatsapp” is powered by a trap beat with a nice tempo, tons of bass, and menacing vibes. Over it, Jay Flet and featured guest Truck Load Dre let the world know that they are rocking designer, that they are making big checks, that hustling is in their blood, and that they are ready for smoke at all times. They definitely come across as first-team trap stars.

You have to appreciate how confident Jay Flet sounds throughout “Whatsapp.” His words are impactful, and he rides the beat very well. As for Truck Load Dre, I love how he toys with tricky flows and sounds free in his lone verse in the song. Their styles merge very well.

Give “Whatsspp” a shot below.