Coi Leray is a highly-skilled firecracker in “COI.”




5. Don’t Chat Me Up

“Don’t Chat Me Up” is the stupidest best song I’ve heard this year.

I’m pretty sure Coi Leray had her Nicki Minaj wig on when she created “Don’t Chat Me Up.” Throughout the song, Coi raps like a spoiled brat that still plays with Barbie dolls and Giga Pets (Which is how Nicki used to sound back in 2008). When it’s all said and done, with her weird accents and all, I think she delivers something entertainingly quirky, catchy, and creative here.

OK, you got me! The main reason I put this song in my top 5 list is because of Giggs’ verse. In the song, he fits in by fitting out. Like, he legit sounds like a thug that is down to do all of the girly s**t Coi wants to do just so he can get some punani at the end of the night. It’s funny and entertaining to listen to.



4. Make My Day (with David Guetta)

Coi Leray told her opps that they could get their asses kicked to an exercise song.

Heart-pumping workout music is in right now, so it makes perfect sense that “Make My Day” made this top 5 list. Coi Leray plays the perfect instructor in the song, which is powered by this flipped version of the famous “Pump Up the Jam” beat. Not only does she teach us how to get a crowd hyped up, but she also shows us how to ball without a care in the world.

I love the catchy hook Coi hooks us up with in “Make My Day.” I also enjoy how she switches between sounding sly and gritty throughout. All in all, I think this is a fun little club banger.


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3. Run It Up

Coi Leray really gives her men minimum contracts, huh?

“Run It Up” is full of wild energy. Throughout the song, Coi Leray switches between high-pitched and aggressive styles of singing/rapping. She also toys with autotune a little. As for lyrically, Coi talks her s**t throughout, promoting her cold heart and carefree mentality. If you are someone that thought they had a chance at wifing the rapper, based on her lyrics in this song, guess again.



2. Man’s World (with James Brown)

After listening to this song, I gave Coi Leray a standing ovation (B*tch, I know she can’t see me).

Coi Leray’s performance in “Man’s World” is terrific. Her lyrics are deep, the vocal performance that she blesses us with on the hook is captivating, and her cold raps will send chills down your spine. While I don’t quite know who she’s confronting in the song (I have an inkling that this song is dedicated to her father), I think it will strike a chord with anyone with a shlong (including myself).



1. Players

“Players” is one of the best songs to release this year (I’m counting last December as this year).

To say that Coi Leray shines in “Players” is a bigger understatement than saying people shouldn’t be visiting the Titanic wreck. In the song, which samples Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s classic 1982 track “The Message,” she details how women can be playas just as much as men can. I absolutely love how confident Coi sounds throughout, as she relies on a style of rapping that hip-hop scholars would love. At the same time, I like how Coi finds pockets in the song to come across as her blunt and brash self. All in all, I am very impressed with this song and all 72 of its remixes.


1. Bitch Girl (4/5)

2. Bops (3.5/5)

3. Make My Day (with David Guetta) (4/5)

4. Players (5/5)

5. My Body (3/5)

6. Get Loud (3.5/5)

7. Phuck It (4/5)

8, Spend It (with Saucy Santana) (4/5)

9. Don’t Chat Me Up (with Giggs) (4/5)

10. On My Way (3.5/5)

11. Run It Up (4.5/5)

12. No Angels (with Lola Brooke) (3.5/5)

13. Man’s World (with James Brown) (5/5)

14. Black Rose (3/5)

15. Radioactive (with Skillbeng) (3.5/5)

16. Come & Go (4/5)




Coi Leray’s talent is obvious. If you don’t choose to see it, that’s on you. What’s very interesting is that I feel like she is starting to discover the types of music that she should be making. Like, in COI, I feel like she fully establishes her brand.

You get very spirited production in COI. Throughout the album, Coi Leray does work over beats that boast old-school vibes, have great energy, and are hella unique. S**t, I think every single beat on this project is timeless-sounding. Coi impressively meets each beat at the rim, countering the punches they throw every step of the way.

I absolutely love the features that we get on this album. All the guest appearances feel excitingly random, from Saucy Santana to Giggs to Lola Brooke. Overall, listening to the album felt like watching Coi on tour with unexpected guests coming out of nowhere to help her finish songs.

Coi Leray’s performances on this album are outstanding. I just love her stage presence, confidence, and fearlessness. Rap mechanics-wise, I think she finishes her bars very well and turns her aggression up at perfect moments. Lastly, when Coi decides to sing, she just about moves the needle (I do think she sounds amazing in “Man’s World”). If Coi’s lyrics were slightly stronger, I would give her an A when it comes to her overall performance on this album.

Coi has gone 2/2 to me. This album is consistent, fun to listen to, and high-quality. I also think it’s cool how it boasts lyrics meant to empower women. While I do think some of the songs are a little on the cheesy side, I can’t quite call any bad. If Coi’s music isn’t your cup of tea, it’s probably because it’s spiked, and I’m guessing you don’t like spiked tea.

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