Rebecca Lappa Has Plenty of "Tales of A Taurus" To Share

The Zodiac has spoken. Rebecca Lappa oozes love and comfort on “Tales of A Taurus.”




3. Your One

Ready to make it official? Hit Rebecca Lappa up.

We all know about the songs that are supposed to make that perfect moment even more perfect, but in this case, “Your One” does precisely what it needs to. Music fans will love hearing a song full of energy and the acoustics turned up to 11. As far as album intros go, this one hits just right. Lappa has found the way to our hearts, and it’s by finding her voice in a slightly different niche.

As modern as this hit is, we can also say it sounds like something out of the 80s (I don’t mind anything that sounds like it’s from a few decades ago). Maybe the fusion hits I’ve been reviewing lately have rubbed off on me…



2. Blue Lips

You can be just as daring as Lappa when it comes to love!

While saying you “feel blue” in love might make you think of heartbreak, not on the artist’s side. She knows what she wants, and it’s to not be “just friends.” How dare you think that she’ll settle in this case?

Based on the song’s subject matter, I would be OK with calling it “Your One,” part 2. This contemporary hit has a romantic flair and fiery attitude, contrary to its icy manner. Love is all about taking chances, right? But we can’t quite get a read on whether Lappa is going to throw a fit or simply shut down. Let’s just not assume and wait for the result. Is that how the next song fits in? Cool transition!



1. Forecast

“Forecast” turns all your gloom into sunshine and rainbows.

Okay, well, as concerning and, dare I say, scary as the last song is, this one helps take the shock away. “Forecast” is a down-tempo, soft-sounding track. Our loving artist is still ruffled, but she has some faith now. She beautifully tells a story of never losing hope. When it’s expected, it doesn’t always come to fruition, but there’s still a chance of a rainbow (Maybe even a pot of gold) on the other side. There’s light at the end of the tunnel for everyone and everything. Let the gloom be chased away by the warmth and sunshine of what could happen. And don’t worry if it doesn’t work out; something else might come along that you weren’t expecting.


1. Your One (3/5)

2. Blue Lips (3.5/5)

3. Forecast (4/5)

4. Lolita (3/5)

5. Witch’s Way (3/5)

6. Brick by Brick (3/5)




I can argue that this album is not just an exploration of love for us; it’s also Lappa looking at herself to figure out how to express herself best. Like I said before, she’s finding the way to our hearts through various sounds. We’re seeing her understand where she best fits in as an artist.

Along with these unique sounds, Lappa simultaneously uses different voices to express herself. She explores a variety of themes in her lyrics while taking a gentle approach in their delivery, even though fire burns in her every word. She’s got some guts to talk to us like that, but it’s precisely what we need to hear, especially when it comes to love.

The way the songs are laid out is meaningful too. I might have claimed the first three as the top three, but that’s for a reason. We start out in what feels and sounds like something based in reality, and the further we get into the relationship and album, the more it feels like a satisfying fantasy.

Rebecca Lappa is simply amazing in every song. I adore the way she fearlessly approaches us, knowing exactly what she wants. When Lappa sings, she sings with the confidence that comes with knowing herself, but at the same time, the timidness she approaches each sub-genre on the album hints that she might not know yet where that confidence will land her. Her lyrics are strong and stand as the star of the show. If she had a bit more of a distinct sound, I would give her an A for her performances on Tales of a Taurus. That’s not to say this isn’t a high-quality album, though. I love how the songs are all about exploring one’s love in different ways and yet pushing for what Rebecca Lappa wants. I can’t admire the many different themes and journeys she makes us take in six songs enough.