One Of The Girls

The Weeknd (Ft. Lily-Rose Depp & BLACKPINK’s JENNIE)

The Weeknd has a bunch of women under his spell right now.

The Weeknd’s The Idol is arguably the hottest TV series right now. While people are saying it’s racy, provocative, and a little on the weird side, those are the kind of things sicko TV viewers like seeing, so I don’t know what the problem is. Anywho, for every episode from the show that has been released, The Weeknd has dropped a brand-new single. For episode 4, he released “One of the Girls” with Lily-Rose-Depp and JENNIE from BLACKPINK.


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“One of the Girls” will have you in one of the most enjoyable trances you’ve ever been in. First and foremost, the song boasts production that features unique synths, tons of bass, and an overall vibe that will make your weed brownies grab the wheel. Over it, using these intoxicating vocals, The Weeknd celebrates his women in a manipulative and comforting way. As for Lily-Rose Depp and JENNIE, they come across as the Canadian singer’s love slaves that are down to get choked out worse than PJ Carelismo. I think the song is nasty, hypnotizing, and f**king awesome.

I wouldn’t trust The Weeknd around my plants, bro (Great musician, but creepy as f**k).