Marty Rantzen

Rantzen gets the ranting in “I BEEN.”

Marty Rantzen raps like the rent is due. Not only does he plow through songs with great confidence, but it also feels like most of his bars are on some hungry s**t. Recently, the Orange, NJ rapper dropped a 12-track project called SINCERELY, HIMOTHY. I highly recommend that you press play on it. If you only have a few minutes to spare, go ahead and give his “I BEEN” track from the album a shot below.

In “I BEEN,” Marty Rantzen tells the world he’s determined to live his dreams. He also calls out the people who want to act like they were his day ones but weren’t shooting with him in the gym. What I love about the song is how intoxicating it sounds. We get a hypnotic beat combined with sly flows and animated deliveries. Overall, “I BEEN” just feels like a smooth banger that is very relatable.

I wonder if Marty’s truth has set him free…