Big Take (Ft. E Millz)

Menacing bars for your head top.

Big Take is currently taking the world by storm. Since emerging on the scene, few rappers have dropped music as hard as his. I mean, s**t, his beats alone will kick your speakers’ ass. With that being said, some of Big Take’s biggest records are “No Redemption,” “Talkin’ to God,” and “For A Reason.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Big Take’s latest single is “Steppers” with E Millz.

In “Steppers,” Big Take and E Millz remind the world that they are freaking hoes, spinning blocks, and destroying opps. If you decide to play with them, I recommend you have your BRINKS account set up properly and your wifey stashed away. Personally, what I love about the song is how hefty Big Take’s and E Millz’s rap verses sound. Not only do they hit us with solid flows and violent deliveries, but every single one of their bars feels like body blows to the ears. Shoutout to these kill-a-rapper rappers!

Give “Steppers” several shots below.