Check Please

Logic (Ft. C Dot Castro)

Logic is back to rapping like the rent is due, y’all.

Doesn’t it feel like Logic is living life a lot freer these days? In the past few moments, he’s created everything from slow jams to bizarre remixes of classic hip-hop hits to an album that told his come-up story to the world. It feels like Logic is fully comfortable in his own skin these days, which is dope. Today, the Maryland rapper returned to the music scene with a braggadocios new single called “Check Please.”


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“Check Please” is powered by bass-booming, wicked production that will catch your attention. While I wouldn’t say that Logic and C Dot Castro come across as evil villains in the song, they do hit us with scary-good raps. Not only do they flow extremely well, but they talk their s**t so effectively, I don’t see a single toilet capable of flushing their verses.  I actually like every single thing about this banger.

Give “Check Please” a shot below.