Slow Down

Secret Menu

Push to your fullest potential without stopping!

The midwestern music group, Secret Menu, is a four-piece alternative rock band that will instantly grab your attention. Together, artists Raf, Andrew, Matt, and Evan “focus on writing songs true to experience with a style that blends storytelling verses and dense vocal harmonies with a classic rock sound.” The band works on their songs in a red tool shed turned music studio. It sounds like the kind of dream every high schooler has when they want to start a band. Secret Menu’s primary goal is to inspire listeners to live life to its fullest. Some of the group’s previous releases include songs like “18” and “Jack and Jill.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Secret Menu’s latest drop is their self-titled alternative EP, opening with the alternative hip-hop song “Slow Down.”

Without giving too much away, this song sounds like something you’d hear during a chaotic breakdown scene in a movie. It starts off slow, but the track quickly picks up into something much faster and heavier. “Slow Down” is hard-hitting and contrary to its title, does not take things slow for a second. Instead, it’s fast to make us move toward our dreams. Lyrics like “There are those trying to hold you back, Grabbing your chest like you’re having a heart attack” and “I’m not a fake, Yeah there are mistakes but life is a journey, nothing is fast, no path is straight” remind us to pursue our goals instead of just dreaming about them. It’s commanding and demanding, and you won’t stop for anything once it’s in your head.

Press play on Secret Menu’s new single “Slow Down” below.