Summer ’23


If you pass me a Corona and put this song on, I wouldn’t complain a single day this summer.

VANCE (aka KaJuan Davance Bivens) is another Chicago artist with superpowers. Since emerging onto the music scene, he has shown fantastic versatility. I’ve heard VANCE f**k with Afropop, hip-hop, and R&B vibes. Some of his biggest singles are “Two Jobs,” “Aura,” and “Forever 21.” You can find VANCE’s full catalog on Spotify. His latest single is “Summer ’23.”

In “Summer ’23,” VANCE talks about upgrading, neglecting, and empowering his chick. Personally, what I love about the song is the vibes that we get on it. Not only is it powered by an uptempo Jersey house beat that would force a few dance moves out of you, but I also rock with the silky smooth raps and slight melodies that we get out of VANCE. All in all, I can see this banger getting burn at chill-ass house parties.

Give “Summer ’23” a shot below.