Bandeauxx rides his own wave in “Coastal Plus.”




3. Waste No Time

Bandeauxx wastes no time blessing us with bangers (“Waste No Time” is the intro to this album)!

I love the energy attached to “Waste No Time.” In the song, which is powered by intricate production that boasts club vibes, a lovely drum pattern, and significant build-ups, Bandeauxx hits us with lyrics that promote good energy and carefree living (Which is a theme throughout this album). You’ll find his melodic hook intoxicating, and his raps hella contagious. What a great way to open up an album!



2. Pop It

“Pop It” is a dripper’s anthem.

I’ve always believed in working hard so you can play hard, so “Pop It” resonated quite a bit. In the song, Bandeauxx tells us that his favorite exercises are counting money and stunting. When you’re making good music and reaching your potential like he is, I don’t blame him.

I enjoy the heart-pumping, uptempo electronic hip-hop beat that powers this song. I also think the hook is catchy as hell, and the pep to his step that Bandeauxx raps with is invigorating.



1. Rarri (VIP Edit)

There’s something about riding in a Rarri that brings out the good vibes.

You will want to play “Rarri (VIP Edit)” over and over again. First and foremost, the song boasts this energetic, hard-hitting electro-hop beat that will make every ass sitting down at a party get up out of their seat. As for Bandeauxx, he does a good job of talking his s**t throughout. Not only does he brag about his big bank account, but he also talks about his lofty trips and carefree lifestyle. Is anyone else jealous?

I love how Bandeauxx gets lost in the feels this song provides. Throughout “Rarri (VIP Edit),” he hits us with both infectious melodies and hard-hitting raps that work perfectly with the bombastic vibes. The sweet and spicy sample we hear in the background is the song’s icing on the cake.


1. Waste No Time (4/5)

2. Movement (4/5)

3. Rarri (VIP Edit) (4.5/5)

4. Playing Favorites (3/5)

5. Twenty (3/5)

6. Name In Lights (VIP Edit) (3.5/5)

7. Pop It (4/5)

8. If You With It (2.5/5)

9. The Rizz (2.5/5)

10. Believe That (2.5/5)

11. Paradise (VIP Edit) (3/5)

12. Fashion Statement (3.5/5)




This is the kind of project you will want to play after getting a stimulus check. It will make you feel all good inside!

Hip-hop has become very depressing. These days, artists are religiously talking about smoking on opps, getting it out of the mud, and carrying guns. Fortunately, Coastal Plus is one of the few hip-hop projects promoting positive vibes. Throughout it, Bandeauxx raps with great energy and hits us with lyrics that indicate he’s a hard worker that parties just as hard. Also, the album boasts bouncy club beats that will do everything possible to get you out of your seat. If you are on your way to an epic party or just want nothing but positivity around you, I recommend you dive into Coastal Plus.