Ashton Blaze

Just don’t pass out from overdrinking like it’s your birthday…

Ashton Blaze is a true rarity in the music scene today. Hailing from North Carolina, he possesses a unique talent for creating music that exudes old-school vibes and delivers hard-hitting bars. Notably, his ability to select timeless beats to rap over sets him apart. Among Ashton’s standout singles are “Shake Down,” “Roc,” and “Bizzy,” all of which can be found in his comprehensive catalog on Spotify. Keeping the momentum going, Ashton’s latest single is the energetic party anthem titled “Birthday.”

In “Birthday,” Ashton leaves no room for ambiguity: if you’re a woman celebrating with him, he wants you to keep shaking it nonstop. He also reminds the world that the work he’s been putting in has allowed him to stunt the way he does. What makes the song exceptional is that it features every element you would want out of a club record: a booming beat, a catchy hook, and impactful bars. I might have to run this s**t back when my bday comes.

Give “Birthday” a shot below.