King Von (Ft. Tee Grizzley)

King Von’s forthcoming album, “Grandson,” will arrive on July 14th.

When King Von raps, I get chills. Yes, he was great at telling stories, but I also think he did a good job of making day-to-day street s**t sound cinematic as hell. That said, I am looking forward to Von’s forthcoming album, Grandson. If I were to guess, it will feature several chilling street tales. The latest single from the project is “Heartless” with Tee Grizzley.


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The first thing that catches my attention about “Heartless” is the chilling beat that powers the song. It’s definitely on some ‘happy ending to a horror movie’ s**t. Over it, we get a very action-packed verse by King Von. In it, he lets his opps know the several sadistic things he’s willing to do to them. The ninja comes across like the TV-MA version of Kevin from Home Alone. As for Tee Grizzley, he matches Von’s violent energy lyrically but sounds a little more subdued vocally. Both rappers hit us with impressive flows.

Give “Heartless” a shot below.