24 Hours

Mike Osei

Mike Osei will win fans over with this banger.

Mike Osei is an exceptional rapper hailing from Ghana but raised in The Bronx, and he is an artist worth your undivided attention. What sets Mike apart is his extensive background in music, which began in 2018 on the campus of Harvard University. Since then, he has established a thriving independent collective, had the privilege of opening for notable artists like Vic Mensa, Bazzi, and Kiiara, and has amassed an impressive number of streams. Music enthusiasts will appreciate Mike’s ability to deliver conscious verses infused with impeccable rap mechanics, showcasing his lyrical prowess. Be sure to check out Mike Osei’s latest single, “24 Hours,” for a taste of his exceptional artistry.

In “24 Hours,” Mike Osei embodies the ultimate playa, someone focused on his bread, and someone ready to celebrate his achievements. The song’s production is characterized by a sly and hard-hitting beat that seamlessly blends smoothness with a competitive edge. Over this infectious backdrop, Mike Osei hits us with fast-paced flows and deliveries that start out laidback but end up sounding aggressive and feverish. Additionally, he showcases his versatility by incorporating moments of crooning, demonstrating his suave and charismatic side. All in all, “24 Hours” is a great introduction to Osei (Assuming you haven’t heard his other hits).

Give “24 Hours” a shot below.