Summer Freak!


Hopefully, my summer freak likes grilled burgers.

Riskyisme is the perfect way to describe this Toronto, Canada artist. When he creates songs, he doesn’t always go your conventional route; instead, he floats through genres and cares less about musical boundaries. Some of Riskyisme’s most significant singles are “Heat,” “BST,” and “Peace of Mind.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Riskyisme’s latest single is “Summer Freak!”

Yea, I love a Winter, Autumn, and Spring freak, but there’s nothing like a Summer freak! In this new banger, Riskyisme explains why. Throughout his verses, he talks about doing a couple of nasty things with a chick that is as hot as the weather in July. He also talks about working out with her, which is a pretty dope thing to do, right (I love working out with my chick)? Though Riskyisme’s lyrics are as entertaining as it gets, do not sleep on the song’s hella infectious hook, horn-driven beat, and fun rap flows. Overall, I think this s**t is a certified hit.

This song will be on repeat at my community pool this weekend.