T.H.E. ft. Josiah Bassey

A sizzling summertime single that brings plenty of heat.

T.H.E. is also known as The Hamsa Experiment. T.H.E. is a team of three artists who first met at Berklee College of Music. They aim to “combine musical influences, partnerships, and collaborations to create music and projects” that exude emotion. T.H.E. has collaborated on various projects with numerous creators and artists worldwide. Their music is available on Spotify and YouTube. More recently, T.H.E. teamed up with Josiah Bassey, a multi-genre artist and producer whose crafted tunes that are “free-flowing in nature” and move “from laid-back to up-tempo.” Together, T.H.E. and the Nigerian-born artist created the afrobeats single “IJO.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“IJO” emanates a captivating blend of desire, contagious melodies, and lively instrumentals, creating a radiant masterpiece. This feel-good exploration awaits a willing audience to immerse themselves in its allure. The song’s essence revolves around the captivating love or perhaps lust for specific women who possess an undeniable uniqueness that keeps us mesmerized, unable to divert our gaze. Lyrics like “She bad like a late night snack / Fall so hard make your heart attack” and “She’s always the center of attention / Object my affections / Make a man go crazy / The definition of perfection” are delivered by soft and sensual vocals. It’s perfect for summer simply because of the heat it brings. So, press play and crank up the volume on “IJO.”