child of GOD

Blxst (Ft. Remble)

Yo, Blxst, I’ma need that new album from you…

Blxst’s music does something to my soul. No kizzy, I usually leave his songs feeling like I just finished church service. With that being said, Blxst’s new single, “child of GOD,” will make you say “AMEN” repeatedly.


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In “child of GOD,” Blxst talks about being a prophet, defeating odds, and being outside just as much as Jadakiss. As for Remble, he talks about being from the gutter and indulging in GOD’s blessings. Though 85% of the song’s production has strong gospel elements (The other 15% is on some Detroit-styled s**t), there’s nothing about either Blxst’s style of singing or Remble’s style of rapping that feels church-ish. As a matter of fact, the former sounds as trill as he’s ever sounded, while the latter sounds like a part-time professor that teaches rap at Harvard.

Blxst, you did it again!