Make Move$

Pai Napple, 4TUNAT & Truent

An inspirational banger that you need to hear.

Don’t you love it when people who are cut from the same cloth decide to link up? That’s precisely what happened here. In “Make Move$,” we get a chance to hear Pai Napple (A young, independent producer, singer, songwriter, and rapper from Belgium), 4TUNAT (An up-and-coming artist from Atlanta), and Truent (A singer, songwriter, and rapper from Georgia) create magic together, and their chemistry is on point.

In “Make Move$,” the message is clear: Ignore the haters, keep grinding. Throughout their verses, Pai, 4TUNAT, and Truent talk about hustling their asses off and being addicted to winning. While I do believe their lyrics are the best thing about this song, do not sleep on the booming, colorful production and how each artist drops highly infectious melodic raps over it. Yes, this is one of those bangers that will get stuck in your head quickly.

Give “Make Move$” a shot below.