Queen Ilise and Sam Watson Are Here To Take Everyone's "Breath Away"

Breath Away

Queen Ilise & Sam Watson

Is it weird to fall in love with a love song?

Meet the inspiring Queen Ilise, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, a force of empowerment in her own right. Through her music, she delivers powerful messages, reminding everyone that life’s challenges need not define us as a breaking point, and they need not drag us down indefinitely. Instead, she urges us to recognize our inner strength, empowering us to rise above and triumph. You can find her soul-stirring music on various platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. Queen’s latest single is “Breath Away” with the talented Sam Watson.

This track serves as a heartfelt love letter to both R&B and Soul, with Queen Ilise and Sam Watson serenading us, expressing their profound love for their respective partners. The seamless blend of their voices suggests they could be the perfect couple. Enchanting listeners with a mid-tempo, bass-packed contemporary R&B melody and the allure of their hazy, sultry vocals, the song encapsulates the euphoria of being in love. It’s a precious gift to experience their musical creation, as it resonates deeply, giving hope that one day, we too may feel this overwhelming connection.

For those seeking a reminder that love songs are very much alive in R&B, this track will become your next favorite hit. Its perfection is undeniable and will likely captivate your heart from the first listen. So, press play on “Breath Away” below.