MISSIO Knows Those "Good Vibrations" Can Help

Good Vibrations


This alternative track will fix you right up.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, MISSIO is a dynamic musical duo that specializes in alternative electronic music. Their journey officially began in 2014, founded by Matthew Brue. Later in 2016, David Butier joined the duo, contributing to production and songwriting. In 2017, their single “Middle Fingers” soared to the #9 spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, solidifying their place in the music industry and securing them a record deal with RCA.

With an impressive presence, MISSIO has taken their music on extensive tours across the U.S. and internationally, headlining shows in countries like Russia and Mexico. Their captivating sounds can be found on various platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

MISSIO’s latest release, “Good Vibrations,” embodies the uplifting energy that everyone needs from time to time. This spirited song is a celebration of positivity, and its official music video adds a visual dimension to the experience. Discover the contagious enthusiasm of MISSIO’s “Good Vibrations” as they continue to leave their mark on the alternative electronic music scene.

MISSIO offers more than just “Good Vibrations” with this alternative track. While there is another song by the same name, this one takes on a rock and grunge style of inspiration. These artists have a keen understanding of what listeners need and what can aid in the healing process. If you’ve been feeling down lately, get ready to experience an exhilarating rush of emotions while listening along.

Their sound is edgy yet still inviting, delivering a positive message that resonates with fans. The bottom line is that everything will be okay, and things will eventually get better. What more uplifting message could we ask for in these moments? With vibrant synths and powerful drums, MISSIO presents us with a sleeper hit in the making. So let go of that negative attitude and stream MISSIO to immerse yourself in those “Good Vibrations.”