ZIMMx Seeks "Balance"



A debut single you can’t skip.

Hailing from Long Island, New York, ZIMMx is a genre-blending rookie artist, showcasing an amalgamation of rap, pop, R&B, and country influences in his music. Embracing his ever-evolving sound, ZIMMx describes his music as a reflection of his dynamic self. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, ZIMMx debuted with the album Back To Life, available on Spotify and Apple Music, featuring his latest release, the mixed-genre hit “Balance.”

As the title suggests, ZIMMx seeks his “Balance,” both in life and on this fresh track. The song defies genre categorization, blending country and trap beats with catchy, melodic pop flow. ZIMMx imparts wisdom, encouraging listeners not to let fear hinder their lives and to stay true to themselves. These invaluable life lessons are to be cherished forever, guiding us to improve and find our own ease. So, stream ZIMMx’s new single to embrace his insightful advice on navigating life with your own sense of “Balance.”