Im not sure what will happen if you f**k with Crae’s vibe…

Crae hails from the DMV, but his music transcends borders, appealing to music fans worldwide. What you will love about him is that his songs are packed with explosive lyrics and enjoyable beats. Some of Crae’s biggest hits include “Headshot,” “BABY,” and “Illterate.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Crae’s latest single is titled “Vibe.”

Crae’s “Vibe” leaves no room for doubt: he boasts about attracting the finest women, embracing loyalty, and taking down his rivals. The track is fueled by futuristic and mesmerizing production that will captivate you. I admire how Crae effortlessly delivers consistent flows and catchy melodies that will stick in your mind. All in all, “Vibe” truly lives up to its name and brings an unexpected energy.

Give “Vibe” a shot below.