Raised Me


It was just a matter of time before someone remixed Petey Pablo’s classic “Raise Up” hit.

I’m telling you, female rappers are running the game right now. Not only do I think they are making more creative and timeless-sounding records, but I also feel like they have more appeal than their male counterparts (For both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons). One of the female rappers that I think is an absolute star is BIA, and that is mainly because I think she can rap her ass off. Today, she returned to the music scene with a new single called “Raised Me.”


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“Raised Me” is powered by Petey Pablo’s classic “Raise Up” beat (Like, BIA didn’t even try to flip it here). Over it, using a pretty chill demeanor and both fast and slow-paced flows, the Massachusetts native raps about being ready for smoke, lapping her competition, and having money on her mind at all times. Though I think she kills this s**t for sure, the funny thing is she sounds nothing like Petey in the song (How you flip his s**t but not try to sound like him?).

BIA is sly as f**k. She looks like the type of woman that would propose to her man (I know she be wearing the pants in relationships).