Jungkook (Ft. Latto)

Latto is doing songs with BTS members now? Oh, she’s out of here!

I appreciate the fact that BTS has become a global sensation, showcasing that stardom isn’t limited to Hollywood alone. What truly impresses me is their willingness to collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds around the world. In line with this, last Friday, Jungkook delighted fans by dropping a fresh single titled “Seven” featuring Latto.


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This track emanates a captivating vibe in every aspect. Firstly, its premise resonates as Jungkook expresses his unwavering devotion to his woman, promising to shower her with love seven days a week. Secondly, the song’s quirky and uptempo production drives its infectious energy. Thirdly, the melodies are irresistibly catchy, leaving a lasting impression. Lastly, the addition of Latto’s rap verse adds an exciting switch-up, further enhancing the song’s appeal. Rest assured, this commercial hit will leave you feeling uplifted and filled with positivity.

Give “Seven” by Jungkook and Latto a shot below.