J. Lock & Finesse 2 Tymes

Kylian Mbappe probably played this song 100 times yesterday.

J. Lock’s name is starting to gain traction in the music scene. The Mississippi-born, Atlanta-based rapper has been dominating with bangers that showcase his inspired raps. Some of J. Lock’s biggest hits include “On Deck,” “SELFISH,” and “GRADUATION FREESTYLE,” all of which can be found on Spotify. His latest single, “Money,” might be his most explosive yet.

In “Money,” J. Lock and Finesse 2 Tymes discuss their pursuit of wealth, how they spend it, and their efforts to generate more. They also talk about destroying their opps and the challenges they face due to their statuses. In my opinion, the best aspect of the song is its catchy and explosive hook courtesy of J. Lock. Additionally, the menacing trap beat hits harder than Jehovah’s Witnesses, Finesse’s f**king slides on his verse, and Lock’s confidence throughout is truly inspiring. Overall, “Money” is a great listen.

Give “Money” a shot below.