Pardon My Heart

Jah The Prophet

One of Jah The Prophet’s most personal records to date.

Of course, you should listen to someone named Jah The Prophet. Prophets are special people, right? This particular prophet creates hip-hop music that I find very enjoyable for various reasons. Recently, Jah dropped a project called Me Myself & I, and one of the best tracks from it is “Pardon My Heart.”

In “Pardon My Heart,” Jah The Prophet talks about dodging snakes, living life in the fast lane, and being prepared for whatever comes his way. The song is driven by an emotional, piano-driven beat that will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings. As for Jah, he delivers melodic raps that balance between heartfelt and gritty, and his detailed lyrics will make you believe every experience he mentions in his verses (Cheers to authenticity).

Give “Pardon My Heart” a shot below.