On The Street (Remix Version)


Motivational music for the win.

KidCaliMDMG is a North Carolina-based, San Diego-born MC. Personally, what I like about him is that you can tell he wants to be great. Not only does he rap with great passion, but his lyrics tend to be on some inspirational s**t. Some of KidCaliMDMG’s notable releases are “Love Me,” “Numb,” and “What’s Left.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. KidCaliMDMG’s latest single is “On The Street (Remix Version).”

KidCaliMDMG’s “On The Street (Remix Version)” delves into his journey of chasing dreams, making an impact on the Raleigh community, and facing life’s inevitable highs and lows. The rawness of the song stands out, with KidCaliMDMG delivering fierce verses and a hypnotizing melody on the hook. The whistle-driven, hard-hitting beat complements his contributions seamlessly, creating a powerful and captivating track.

Give “On The Street (Remix Version)” a shot below.