How do you cope with heartbreak?

Salt Lake-based artist, Obeeyay, is known for infusing pop and R&B with an Afro-beat spin in his music, resulting in a more fun and creative sound than plain old pop. With this unique blend of genres, he has become a mix master in our eyes, making everything he touches appealing to a wider audience. In 2021, Obeeyay released his first single, “Just A Fling,” followed by his debut EP, Winnin’, a year later. Since then, he has consistently delivered hit after hit, including a popular cover of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” You can find these songs on various platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest single, “Closure,” is a rhythmic reminder that you’re not alone when it comes to breakups.

“Closure” encourages people to move on from their past relationships, even though it may sound harsh and difficult. Sometimes, that tough step is necessary for personal growth. And remember, you’re not alone in this experience. Obeeyay opens up about his own past, where he wholeheartedly gave his heart to someone he believed shared the same feelings. It’s a familiar tale for many, as heartbreak is a shared human experience.

The track’s breezy and rhythmic melody combines Afro-pop and R&B elements, offering a danceable yet soothing experience. So, streaming Obeeyay’s music can help you find that sense of “Closure” when you need it most

Give “Closure” by Obeeyay a shot below.