Don’t Run

2Rare & NLE Choppa

Holy s**t, 2Rare looks like my cousin.

NLE Choppa and 2Rare dropped one of the best singles of 2022 in “Do It Again.” As a matter of fact, I think it might be NLE’s best single to date. Today, the two rappers returned to the music scene with another collaboration single called “Don’t Run.”


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You all love me for my honesty, right? Well, OK, let me be honest with you real quick: I feel like 2Rare and NLE Choppa tried to recreate “Do It Again” here and slightly failed. The two songs have similar rhythms and reckless lyrics, but I just don’t love the “Push It” sample or the structure attached to “Don’t Run.” I also feel like the song is missing some magic. So, to make a long story short, they tried to do it again, and it didn’t work for me (The song should still go crazy in clubs).

Give “Don’t Run” a shot below.