Denzel Curry


Denzel Curry must be playing basketball outside again.

Denzel Curry is the most slept-on rapper in the game right now, and this has been the case for about five years. In my opinion, the reason his music might not resonate with commercial hip-hop fans (including myself) is that we, as knuckleheads, sometimes fail to appreciate his thought-provoking lyrics and experimental song structures. However, the good news is that Denzel has made a triumphant return to the music scene today with “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ,” a single where he kicks ass and caters to the knuckleheads of the world!


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Denzel Curry isn’t a nice guy in “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ.” As a matter of fact, he sounds like a straight menace! In the song, which is powered by this explosive, hypnotizing beat, Curry relies on simple flows and a ferocious delivery to let the world know that his chopper sings like Sam Cooke and that he hangs with dudes that will put you in the dirt. The hook he blesses us with is excellent. The verses he blesses us with just made me want to tweet an insult to Draymond Green. Yea, this s**t does its job, Moe.

Give “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ” a shot below.